Snapper Rocks Coolangatta

A small little headland, split in two where the borders of New South Wales and the Sunshine state collide, is home to a sleepy little suburb with a rich surf history. Here you will find long stretched white sand beaches, multiple world famous surf breaks, stunning coastal views, and countless rows of cafes, restaurants, shops and bars waiting to be discovered. The hustle and bustle of the Gold Coast Metropolis is a stunning backdrop as well as contrast to the calm laid back pace of this surf mecca in Coolangatta.

The area is legendary in surf circles around the world as it is home to the famous right hand point break of Snapper Rocks. Here at the very tip of the headland some shallow rock formations protrude out of the water as stacked lines pour down the perfectly contoured point. This wave is famed for its consistency and quality on a global scale and is arguably one of the world's best sand bottomed point breaks. With year round swells rolling through and manufacturing perfect blue green barrels that spin for hundreds of meters towards the skyline of the city of Gold Coast it is no wonder this place is legendary.

Surprisingly the secret to this wave happens to be man made, has nothing to do with surfing, and has a name very reminiscent of a superhero. You see there is a hero beneath the surface of the water that actually is able to connect the points breaks from snapper rocks all the way to Kirra creating nearly 1.5 kilometers of long, hollow, barreling waves. This hero is called the Superbank. The superbank is actually the byproduct of dredging the tweed river mouth which, in exchange, deposits large amounts of sand in the perfect location to form one of the longest, fastest, most consistent waves.

However legendary the spot may be you don't have to be a expert or even a surfer to embrace the balmy holiday vibes found here. Hop on a board or join a lesson at the mellow shores of Rainbow Bay where you can catch you first wave. Grab a meal or a frothy one at the Rainbow Bay Surf Club and watch the pros as you celebrate your success. Revel in the surf culture of the Gold Coast, which has been an integral part of the community since the 1950s.

Here you will find one of the richest surfing histories in Australia. It started in the 50s and 60s as surfing gained popularity and visitors started pouring into the area. By 1970 the surfing industry was an undeniable part of the Gold Coast and by 1977 the town took center stage at it hosted the Stubbies Surf Classic at Burleigh Heads. At this point surfing had become totally mainstream in the area as well as Australia wide with surf beaches, clubs, contests, school teams, car parks, and other amenities popping up all over the country.

Today it is not surprising to paddle out with a world champ at this world renowned surf break. Many world champions call this break home and the ability level here reaches heights you don't normally see in unsponsored local surfers. With homegrown surfing world champs, generations of deep surfing communities, and an iconic surf culture it is no surprise that the industry brings over 3 billions dollars to the city of Gold Coast annually, as it brings in national and international tourists and hosts several world surf competitions each year.

This place is a thrill for surfers and spectators alike. So grab your board, bathers, sunnies, and towel and take a dip in the historic waters of Snapper Rocks. Keep your eyes peeled for local celebrity surf pros such as Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson and Stepahnie Gilmore. And once you are done soaking up the sun and the surf culture head up the road to explore the cafes, reautrants, bars, and shops that line the little surfing mecca of Coolangatta.